Products this full of beauty are worth the wait...

Science & alchemy, passion & innovation, sustainability & respect accompany every step of Inlight Beauty’s small batch artisanal production. Our production is authentic and truly artisanal from start to finish - all our herbal oil bases are produced in house. 

We practice slow beauty. Our precious ingredients are expertly mixed and slowly distilled for over a month in cold pressed oils, being exposed to sun and moon light, harnessing their unique subtle strength.

Once the oils have been fully imbued with care and powerful herbal nutrients, they are cold pressed and filtered to leave a pure and stunningly beautiful oil blend. The final touch is the addition of essential oils or beeswax, nothing else. We work the raw materials as little as possible in order to maintain their natural integrity and vital force.

Thanks to modern science and the laws of Quantum Physics, we now know that all matter is ‘alive’ with its own vibrational waves. Dr Spiezia uses a series of unique techniques during each production stage, such as tuning sounds, alchemic symbols, colours and words of intention, to enhance the vibrational energy and vitality of each ingredient.